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The Parents’ Guide to Getting Ahead During the Summer Holidays - 2020

The Parents’ Guide provides parents with the information they need to help their teenage children make the right choices to create successful futures after GCSE and sixth form. You can download the guide here: Parents' Guide

Careers guidance at The Halifax Academy

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at The Halifax Academy helps ensure that all young people can make informed choices about their future. We have been accredited with the Gold Standard Award in Careers, showing our commitment to high quality CEIAG. The academy provides a planned programme of careers education and works closely with other education and training providers to ensure that all students have an understanding of the different post-16 pathways and providers available.

The academy provides time for young people to explore their different options during Curriculum Development Days and Personal Education Lessons. We give our students the confidence - and also the skills and guidance - to excel. To enable our students to excel in the future, we help them develop skills such as resilience, self motivation and metacognition. We raise aspirations and open doors by creating opportunities to hear from or work with professionals in all kinds of fields. We offer comprehensive and impartial advice on options for the future beyond The Halifax Academy to help our students choose the right path for them.

Below are the email contact details for all careers support staff at The Halifax Academy:

Careers Lead: Mr Eastwood  – 
Miss Hawkins –
Mrs Jabbal –
Hilary Fletcher –


Students are given lots of opportunities within their school day to explore careers, from enterprise competitions, trips to university and colleges and assemblies to taking part in voluntary work for local employees. In order for students to gain an understanding of why they are studying a particular subject, teachers share links to careers and jobs as well as current information on the local and national labour markets.

CD Days

Throughout the school year the academy has five Curriculum Development Days. These days give students the opportunity to look around different universities and to work with local and national employers such as the RAF, Cadbury and Lloyds Banking Group.

Careers Events

Throughout the year the academy holds numerous careers events including a post 16 event, apprenticeship event and local employees' fair. These are great opportunities for students and parents to talk to potential employers and explore the different options at post-16 and beyond.

C&K Careers

Students at The Halifax Academy benefit from impartial, specialist advice, provided by our partners C&K Careers. Hilary Fletcher is based at our school and work with students from all years. C&K Careers provide resources within the academy's library and offer individual appointments to any student who wishes to discuss education, training and employment options. Working very closely with staff including SEND, pastoral, Heads of Year and specialist external agencies, C&K Careers help us to offer the appropriate level of support to every individual. They offer special support for Year 8 options choices and Year 11 post-16 options.

C&K Careers also organise or attend a number of key events each year to provide guidance to students and their families, including assemblies and parents evenings, careers and education fairs and interview practice.

The service continues beyond students' time at The Halifax Academy, as C&K Careers offer lifelong careers advice for young people and adults through their centres in Halifax, Huddersfield and Dewsbury and other provision in the community.

Our Careers Service is based in the library office, where students can browse lots of resources and use the computers to access online careers material. Hilary is available on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the day, including break and lunch time and after school till 4pm on Tuesdays. Students can book an appointment via the library, school reception or email. Parents and carers are welcome to attend with their child.


Provider Access Statement

School Careers Policy

C&K Careers

Labour Market – C&K Careers

Careers Programme

The Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools Project (ASK)

The Halifax Academy is participating in the ASK project. Funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Department for Education, the ASK project is designed to give schools and other educational establishments across England free support to develop their apprenticeship and traineeship guidance. The academy's certificate of engagement can be viewed here: ASK Project Certificate of Engagement

Below are links to some of the websites that we encourage students to use when making careers decisions:

Directgov young
C&K Careers -information, advice and guidance for young people and adults in Calderdale and
UCAS Progress – 14-19 online learning
The National Apprenticeship
National Careers Service