Any form of bullying behaviour, whether it be name-calling, physical assault, cyber-bullying or excluding pupils from a group will be taken seriously. All students should report bullying, whether they are a victim or a witness.

All students who bully will be punished, however the school will also address the needs of the bully as necessary. All victims are supported and receive counselling.

We have specially trained Peer Supporters in school who are available to talk to and to offer support. These students meet once every two weeks to share information and concerns and review our system. Peer Supporters also observe behaviour around the school and report any bullying as well as try to help deal with it.  They run a lunchtime club to provide a quiet, safe place for students who want this. Peer Supporters can be identified by their badges.

To view the Anti-bullying Charter please click on the link below:

Anti-Bullying Charter

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Anti bullying Alliance web address

Are you a young person who's suffering at the hands of bullies? Or maybe you're witnessing others being bullied? Either way there are ways around it. Here are some anti-bullying tips for you from the Anti-bullying Alliance:

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