Road Safety

Our academy is fully committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of our pupils, staff and school community.

We work with families to ensure that the journey to and from school is as safe as possible.

As the roads around school are very busy and congested at the start and end of the school day, we encourage families to walk to school or travel by bus if possible, to reduce the number of cars arriving at the academy.


The safest places to cross the roads near the academy are at the zebra crossing on Spring Hall Lane or crossing at the traffic islands near the junction of Spring Hall Lane and Gibbet Street or at the islands on Gibbet Street.

We teach the children about road safety and safe travel in cars or by bicycle, with the support of Calderdale Road Safety Team and the children learn to use the Green Cross Code (see to

always think, stop, look and listen, wait then to look and listen again before they cross a road. The best way for them to really learn this is for them to follow the same routine every time they cross a road and we therefore ask parents to support this.


The following bus routes also serve the academy: 541 and 542 from Norton Tower, further information can be found at


As there are no safe cycle routes on the approach roads to the academy, primary phase children are not encouraged to travel by cycle. However, there is a cycle park for staff and visitors.


There is very limited parking near the academy and, if travel by car is essential, we encourage parents to park somewhere safe and suitable away from the academy and walk the last part of the journey. The car park for the primary building is for staff and visitors only and as it is used for delivery vehicles etc. it is not a safe place for children. We respectfully ask that parents and carers do not use the car park. Please ensure you park away from the zebra crossing and be respectful to our neighbours by not obstructing any driveways. Please always ensure that children travelling in cars are using an appropriate child seat and seatbelt, not only does this help to keep children safe but it is also a legal requirement. Further information is available at

Car Sharing

Please let Mrs Leonard know in the school office if you would be interested in car sharing and we will support you in finding other families to share with.


There is shelter during inclement weather for pedestrians in the cycle park near the main entrance and also under the sail canopy in the Early Years outdoor area.