Parent Voice

Research shows that parental involvement is key to raising achievement in schools. With this in mind, we are keen to make sure parents of students at our school have the opportunity to tell us what they think about their child's experience of The Halifax Academy.

Please contact us with any feedback or questions you have using the form at the bottom of this page, or via the Parent Voice email address:

Parents' comments

Our parents are generally very supportive and are happy with the education that their children receive at The Halifax Academy. Below are a selection of comments from parents:

‘Since my child has been attending The Halifax Academy I feel that her confidence has improved and I'm very pleased with the education she is receiving’

‘Very pleased with all aspects of the school. I'll be using the website more after attending the Parents' Transition meeting about this’

‘The Year 7 Team treat each pupil with the respect they deserve, it's quite overwhelming. I had my concerns about sending my daughter to the school but am now so happy I did. I am so happy to be a parent of a child who attends The Halifax Academy’

‘My son received an enormous amount of support during the transition process from THA to Greenhead College, the dedication and time spent ensuring my child had settled in well and keeping me posted was amazing’

‘My child was very nervous about starting High school, the school offered us lots of opportunities to visit and helped my child get over her fears. The Year 6 Tea Party was an amazing event, it gave my child and opportunity to meet the staff and the other students in her year group, it also gave me a chance to ask questions and raise any concerns I had about Transition’

‘I have had three children go through The Halifax Academy and I can honestly say that I could not have asked for a more supportive and caring school, each one of my children was able to excel because of all the support they had received from all the staff who were involved in their education. The school keeps me informed and has an excellent relationship with parents’

Collecting feedback

We hold regular events and parental forums to discuss issues raised by parents or initiatives that we are considering introducing. As well as face to face discussion, parents are asked provide feedback via questionnaires. Examples of feedback collected from parents:

Year 7 Parental Feedback following an Open Morning Event

 Year 7 Parental Feedback

Secondary Phase Parental Consultation Questionnaire

Parent Consultation Questionnaire Table

Secondary Phase Parent Evaluation Form Summary

We have provided families with a Parent Evaluation Form to support our understanding of their perspectives of our academy and possible work we could be doing to improve. At The Halifax Academy we prioritise the views of parents to help identify areas for development.

For Question 1: ‘How good do you think the partnership between parents and schools is?' 100% of parents suggested this was Satisfactory and above, with 90% of forms suggesting parents believe the partnership with school is Good or Very Good. On the whole, reasons for this are: the communication through the website; Parent Mail and GroupCall text messages. It is also due to the positive and restorative conversations multiple school leaders have with parents for both positive and developmental reasons. Parents suggest this could be even better with an online platform that identifies when intervention will be taking place, so they can have a long term view of the year. This is something we have begun to look at it, and value the suggestion, especially due to focus on outcomes, progress and attainment. This echoes the positive response in Question 5 with regards to communication. Letters are informative and clear and parents claimed they received more positive communication than negative which has helped to harness a positive partnership between the academy and families.

The second question; ‘How welcoming is the school environment for parents?’ For this, 92% of responses claimed Very Good, whilst 6% said Good and 2% said Satisfactory. Of the extremely positive responses, parents claimed “I wish my school was this calm”. Suggestions from staff included later opening hours of Reception so parents could contact after 4:00pm.

Question 3 had a very similar response to Question 2, and parents claimed the reception and welcoming into the school were similar. Parents like personal welcomes and the visibility of senior leaders in the school. This could be improved by ensuring there is always a short welcome talk prior to any event, we endeavour to do this anyway but it is a welcomed suggestion to have this at the start to set the tone for each event.

Question 4 was ‘How good are the teaching staff at ensuring my child learns and encouraging my child to become independent?’ Parents commented that in this regard the school had made significant progress from previous years, specifically due to the focus on home learning with Bedrock, Hegarty Maths and Educake. This has enabled students to have ownership of their progress and home learning and parents have been able to engage with their learning and monitor their children’s approach. Possible improvements mentioned were training for parents on how to use each of the online platforms. Positively, parents commented on how their children seemed to be doing more homework than in previous years as the homework was so clear and parents could see students actively completing the homework. The final question on the evaluation form was:

Question 6: ‘How useful is the partnership between parents and the school in helping you to support your child’s learning?’ Echoing other questions parents have responded to, parents believe the school is ‘Very Good’, with 75% of responses showing this. There seemed to be a correlation with ‘Satisfactory’ answers suggesting Parents' Evening did not correlate with their working day, therefore we are currently looking at adapting these hours or having a Parents' Morning and having two options for parents to come into school and have these important conversations. Positively there were not any adverse comments suggesting that parents did not want to attend, but rather wanted the school to accommodate personal schedules. Therefore this is something we are seeking to address. Parents also commented on the colour code system being used in two places on the report, for both Attitude to Learning and Progress. Due to the potential confusion here we are looking at creating two keys to support parents use of these reports. Regardless of this colour issue, families’ comments were positive regarding reports and they liked the frequency and detail of the reports.

Primary Phase Family Learning Feedback

Primary Family Learning Phonics

Primary Family Learning Reading

Primary Family Learning Maths

Primary Family Learning ESafety


 Feedback Form