Ofsted Report Autumn 2017

The Halifax Academy was visited by a team of Ofsted inspectors for a full 2 day inspection on 14th and 15th September. The inspection team, led by Jim McGrath, visited many lessons, talked to pupils, staff and parents, scrutinised pupil work, examined achievement data, plans for improvement and met with leaders and governors to evaluate a range of evidence about the academy’s performance. Overall, the inspection team concluded that The Halifax Academy is a good school.

The full report can be found here: Ofsted Inspection 14-15 September 2017.

Headteacher Mr Kay said: "I would like to thank pupils, staff, parents and governors who work together tirelessly to make the academy successful. Feedback to inspectors from all stakeholders was unanimously positive about our work. Our staff and governors care passionately about improving the life chances of our young people and are making a real difference in service to our pupils and our community.

"Due to the timing of the inspection, 2017 GCSE results couldn’t be included in the Ofsted report because national comparators were not available. This information has since been published to schools and I am very pleased to share that the performance of the class of 2017 was outstanding and progress across their best 8 qualifications, including English and Maths (Progress 8), is in line with outstanding schools nationally.

"As highlighted in the report, leaders and governors have a deep understanding of areas for improvement. Parents should have confidence that leaders are already improving the areas identified in the report. The Halifax Academy is a good academy, soon to be outstanding."