Physical Education

What does this subject involve?

At The Halifax Academy, Physical Education is an integral part of developing our students into healthy, active citizens. Innovative and dynamic teaching strategies are developed and applied to enable our students to experience high quality PE lessons. Enrichment activities offered by the PE department are key to the success and development of our students.

All students are timetabled two hours of compulsory core PE per week. During these lessons students are offered a variety of sports and physical activities with the aim of guiding lifelong participation. Activities include; trampolining, football, netball and health related fitness.

What skills will I need to succeed in this subject?

In order to make progress and enjoy core PE lessons, students need to be motivated and keen to make the most of the opportunities provided to them in order to reach their potential.

Where could this subject take me in the future?

Within core PE lessons students are given opportunities to access a variety of sports and physical activities with the aim of students being motivated into lifelong participation and making the choice to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. A keen interest and participation in sport and physical activity can lead to post 16 options at A Level or BTEC in PE or Dance. There is a wealth of opportunity in the sporting industry for successful careers in one of the largest grossing industries in recent years.

Who can I talk to for more information?

All members of staff in the PPE Faculty can be approached if you want to know more about what we offer through Core PE lessons.


Learning experiences will focus around the following key strands: Health and Fitness, Decision Making, Coaching, Performance and Leadership. Students will discover each of these strands through a variety of sporting activities throughout the year.

What type of homework will be set?

There will be on-going homework set for each theme. This may include research tasks, performance analysis as well as the planning of warm-up and skills for subsequent lessons. Students will be also be prompted to consider theoretical aspects of PE through completion of relevant pieces of homework.

How will students be assessed in PE?

Students will be assessed in each of the five strands (Health and Fitness, Decision Making, Coaching, Performance and Leadership) on completion of an activity block. Students will regularly take part in peer assessment and self-assessments within lessons.

How parents support their child’s learning at home?

Engage in conversations about what they have been learning and encourage them to reflect on their progress.

Students should aim to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and should be encouraged to carry out regular exercise outside of school.



Year 10 and 11 students in PPE will focus on improving their fitness levels through a variety of sports and physical activities. Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and be able to gain awards in officiating and leadership.

Students will learn aspects of theory when taking part in all lesson including classroom lessons.

What type of homework will be set?

Homework’s will be issued to enhance students learning and to develop their self confidence in PE. The homework is in the students workbooks which they will bring home. They will also be required to complete practical homework and to be involved in sport.

How will students be assessed in PE?

Students will be given marks for their homework which will go towards their overall grade. Students will be marked our of 9 in each unit of work; for example: handball. They will be assessed in the 5 strands which are Health and Fitness, Decision Making, Coaching, Performance, and Leadership. Students will also take part in peer assessment.

How can parents support their child’s learning at home?

Encourage students to lead a healthy, fit and active lifestyle and to engage in physical activity and sport. To discuss clubs and activities in and out of school which they can access and join. Check homework and ensure they have completed this to the best of their ability.

What can students move onto with PE?

Students will be able to access courses which involve sport, but also related to Science. Such courses may include A Levels in PE, Biology, Physiology, and BTEC or equivalent in Sport, Movement, Dance, Biomechanics, Physiology.