Health & Social Care

What does this subject involve?

Health and Social Care allows students to explore and develop their knowledge in the processes of Health and Social Care. Health and Social Care encourages students to understand aspects of personal development across all ages. Pupils will develop knowledge on early years, abuse and neglect and discover ways to help and support clients.

Why should I choose this subject?

Choosing this course will help you to develop and extend your knowledge on human development, coping with life events and job roles and skills of Health and Social Care Workers such as Social Worker, Health Visitor and Public Services workers. The course will enable you to learn how to care for, look after and support people in need. It will help develop your leadership, counselling and advising skills which can be transferred across all subjects.

What skills will I need to succeed in this subject?

Students will need the drive to do well and succeed as this is a new subject which is introduced at Year 9. They need to be able to use their imagination and creativity to complete a variety of different tasks. Pupils need to have a high level of maturity as some topics covered can be personal and sensitive. Pupils need to be able to work in a group as well as individually.

Where could this subject take me in the future?

There are many different Health and Social Care careers and jobs which this course can help you gain knowledge and experience for. It can open a wide range of avenues in terms of Career prospects. This course can take you onto a Level three course at college or sixth form, including Child Care and Social Work.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Miss Hawkins or Mr Horsfall.