What does this subject involve?

Design gives students the chance to put to practical use what is learnt in almost every subject taught in the school and to use this knowledge in a creative, risk-taking and determined fashion to design, develop and make a wide range of products using graphics, ceramics or resistant materials as media.

In Key Stage 4 students apply their knowledge to design develop and make a product of their own choice.

Extracurricular activity includes the option to be involved in creating work for a live brief which will change termly. Along the way you will:

Why should I choose this subject?

GCSE Design is about all that surrounds us. It is a subject which encourages you to design and make products with creativity and originality in a variety of practical activities, using a range of materials and techniques. These products will then be evaluated and assessed for their commercial viability.

What skills will I need to succeed in this subject?

Where could this subject take me in the future?

The GCSE Design course allows you the freedom to express yourself in a structured environment through tasks which you will find engaging, stimulating and exciting. There are opportunities to embark on a diverse array of Post 16 studies and careers, these include, engineering, architecture, fashion, biomedical, video gaming platforms.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Mr Wadhia.

Students are expected to invest in the following equipment: - A3 folder, A3 Flipbook, coloured pencils, sharpener, rubber, range of tonal pencils.