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Secondary Assessment & Tracking

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Primary Assessment & Tracking

We regularly assess our pupils to help us understand how well they are doing and to help teachers to plan for the next steps in their learning. At certain times of the year, the children will also be assessed as part of the statutory assessment procedures for children in all schools in the country.

End of Early Years

At the end of Reception, children are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Teachers use observations to assess children against each of the 17 Early Learning Goals before determining if a child has reached a ‘Good Level of Development’ – that is if they reach the expected level of development or higher in each of the Prime Areas of Learning (Physical Development; Personal Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language) along with the Specific Areas of Learning of Literacy and Mathematics. The results of these assessments are shared with parents in the end of year report. In summer 2018, 73.4% of pupils at The Halifax Academy were assessed to be at a Good Level of Development, compared to 71.5% nationally.

Year 1

Most pupils are assessed using the Phonic Screening Check. This is a simple check carried out in June by a qualified teacher, usually your child’s class teacher, on a one-to-one basis when your child is asked to read 40 words which are all phonically decodable. Some of the words are pseudo words (in school we refer to them as nonsense or monster words) and some are real words. The government will announce after the assessment period the number of words a child needs to read to be deemed to have met the required standard. Last year it was 32. Children who do not reach the required standard in Year 1 will retake the check at the end of Year 2. The school may decide a child won’t be assessed if they are working well below the expected standard. That decision will always be discussed with parents and the result for those children taking part in the check will be shared with parents in the end of year report. In summer 2018, 80.7% of children in Year 1 were assessed to have met the standard compared to 82% nationally.

Year 2

End of Key Stage 1: During May, children in Year 2 take part in simple assessment tests in Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Mathematics, in groups supervised by the class teachers. Please see these short videos for more information:

2018 Key Stage 1 Tests Information - Video

The tests are used to help the teachers reach their Teacher Assessment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The Teacher Assessments will be shared with parents, along with the outcome of the Phonic Screening Check, for those children needing to retake it in Year 2, in the end of year report.

In 2018 children in Year 2 achieved the following comparative results:

   School  National
   Expected Standard      Expected Standard
 Reading      77%  75%
 Writing  77%  70%
 Maths  80%  76%

Please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher should you have any questions.