Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl

We are very proud, as Head Boy and Head Girl, to welcome you to the website of The Halifax Academy.

As Head Boy and Head Girl, we both work collaboratively with the teachers and students alike to create a more active and satisfactory atmosphere for learning. We always strive to increase the amount of communication with parents and teachers as we believe this is vital to maintain a high standard.

Representing the values of our school allows us to show the rest of the students what the expectations are and how to make the most of their time. Gaining this prestigious role has allowed us to work with and help several students within the academy; this has boosted many students’ confidence and allowed them to take a more active role within school.

We believe that students should have a say in what happens in the academy, this is evident through the student voice which allows us to improve the quality of the school. Our constant communication with the head teacher and senior leadership team helps us to maintain a safe and secure environment for the students at the academy.

Throughout our time as Head Boy and Head Girl, we would like to continue representing the school in an honourable and scrupulous manner and also provide other students with the opportunity to contribute in various roles throughout the academy. Our passion and enthusiasm is shown through our work and decisions which will always take into consideration what is best for the school. We enjoy every moment of what we do and we will always try to make a difference whether it is big or small.

Sakib Shadman and Muqaddas Iqbal

Head Girl & Head Boy