Vision and Values

...where hearts and minds connect... 

Our vision for The Halifax Academy to be a place where 'Hearts and Minds Connect' is about ensuring that we have an ethos which develops a love of learning.  Our students are encouraged to develop themselves as fully rounded, emotionally intelligent individuals.  We have high expectations academically but we also place a great emphasis on positive attitudes to learning and building effective relationships with others.  In a nutshell 'Heart' is about developing a strong moral compass, 'Mind' is about developing our capacity to think and 'Communication' is about making sure we connect with people and culture outside of ourselves.


The individual will be at the heart of all that we do and our aim is for everyone to feel valued and respected for themselves and feel that they belong. Everyone will be supported and encouraged to build the emotional resilience needed to bounce back quickly from the ‘knocks’ that life will inevitably deal us.
• We will expect and value integrity and people should feel safe to speak up for what they believe and know their voice will be heard.
• We will develop a keen sense of what is right and wrong and seek to tackle injustice wherever we find it, whilst ensuring we are tolerant of different views.
• We will develop a leadership culture which inspires, encourages and motivates others to realise their full potential and focus on achieving their aspirations.


How we connect with each other, the community, culture our learning and the wider world is the foundation of everything we do.
• We will provide clarity of vision which will enable us to develop shared goals with everyone feeling empowered to pass on their skills and knowledge to the benefit of the wider community.
• We will develop inspiring leaders with the emotional intelligence to work collaboratively with and respect people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.
• We will promote and value effective teamwork.
• We will ensure everyone is part of the team with clear roles and expectations.
• We will demand that adults are role models for professionalism who connect students with the world of work by demonstrating the characteristics of the ‘good team player’ required by today’s employer.
• We will embrace new technologies to enhance our ability to communicate through different media.


This is about developing our capacity to think in different ways and improve our understanding of the wider world. It’s about having the ability to adapt to and work with a variety of situations, individuals and groups; being able to think on your feet and not being disconcerted or stopped by the unexpected.
• We will develop our problem solving skills and resourcefulness to enable staff and students alike to challenge themselves, release their creativity and achieve to their full potential.
• We will provide opportunities to stretch individuals in order for them to take responsibility for their own learning and develop independent thought, in order to take on different and challenging roles within our school and communities.
• We will encourage self awareness and self reflection in all individuals to allow them to constantly improve their contribution to the life of the school and raise the level of their achievement.
• We will ask questions and learn from one another and develop our critical analysis skills to make sound, reason based decisions and judgements.
• We will be unafraid to use the power of our imagination to make learning a fun active experience