Results and Performance


Our 2017 GCSE results placed the academy in the top 15% of all schools nationally and in line with outstanding secondary schools.

Students make outstanding progress in most subjects. Progress is outstanding in English and good in Maths. 

Our disadvantaged students' performance is in the top 9% nationally. Our girls' performance is in the top 8% and boys in the top 19% nationally. SEND students make outstanding progress. 

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DfE Performance Tables

Class of 2017 The Halifax Academy
Progress 8 score 0.41
Attainment 8 score 46
Pupils achieving 9-5 in English and Maths 34%
Pupils achieving 9-4 in English and Maths 58%
Pupils entering EBACC 20%
Pupils achieving EBACC 11%
Pupils staying in education or employment 91%



As our primary provision is only to Year 3 at the moment, we do not yet have any Key Stage 2 data to publish. The national data referred to here is from 2016 – we will update this when the 2017 data is released. All our assessments were moderated by the Local Authority.

Early Years
The results for our pupils at the end of Early Years Foundation Stage reflect the rapid progress that most of them made last year, from overall starting points that for many children were well-below those typical for their age. In summer 2017, 75% of pupils achieved a Good Level of Development, compared to 69% nationally.

Boys and girls attained better than boys and girls nationally, as did those children who are entitled to free school meals. The results reflect a consistent improvement each year since we opened.

Phonic Screening Check
Our pupils in Year 1 undertook the Phonic Screening Check in summer 2017. 77% of pupils met the required standard, compared to 81% nationally in 2016. This shows a 12% improvement from our 2016 results and we are working hard to ensure pupils at our academy achieve above the national data in 2018.

100% of our pupils met the required standard by the end of Year 2, putting all groups above national.

End of Key Stage 1
Children made good progress in most areas, from starting points in Key Stage 1 below national.

Reading is a particular strength. The proportion of children achieving the expected level and Greater Depth (achieving above the expected level) from all different starting points is higher than national.

In Writing, the proportion of children achieving the expected level from each starting point is above national. The proportion achieving Greater Depth is below national.

Our 2017 results in Mathematics were below national. Children are developing their understanding of mathematical concepts and since introducing the Mathematics Mastery Programme. The rate of progress is now good.


Expected +  

Greater depth 

  School 2017 National 2017 School 2017 National 2017 


31 pupils 


(24 pupils)




(9 pupils)






Expected +

Greater depth

  School 2017  National 2017  School 2017 National 2017


31 pupils


(20 pupils)




(1 pupil)





Expected +

Greater depth

  School 2017 National 2017 School 2017 National 2017


31 pupils


(16 pupils)




(2 pupils)