Holidays in term time

Information for parents

'School Attendance' - issued by the Department for Education 1994 clearly states 'Under the Education (Schools and Further Education) Regulations 1981 the school has a discretionary power for leave to be granted for the purpose of an annual family holiday or an annual holiday during term time. No parent can demand leave of absence for the purposes of a holiday as a right'.

Any absence during term time destroys the continuity of the child's education and reduces chances of success. Absence in the weeks prior to tests or external examinations will also disrupt revision and may affect your child's results. Parents are asked to take their annual holiday with the child during school holidays.

If there are reasons that prevent you from taking your holiday during the school holiday period, Mr Kay, Headteacher of Secondary, can consider allowing leave of absence. The regulations state that this leave is:

a) to take an annual holiday with parent/guardian: or

b) to take an annual holiday with a relative or adult other than the parent/guardian

i.e. The Regulations do not allow a holiday in term time if a holiday has been taken/will be taken in school holiday time during the school year.

      The Regulations do not allow a pupil to take a second holiday with a relative/friend if they have taken a holiday with a parent/guardian already during the school year.

Any absence for a holiday or extended visit abroad which does not meet the Regulations or discretionary criteria will be marked as unauthorised absence and will be referred to Calderdale's Educational Welfare Services.

If your child has absence marked as unauthorised, you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice for this period. It should be noted that both parents would be at risk of a fixed penalty notice for each child of the family with a period of unauthorised absence from school. You should also be aware that your child will risk the possibility of removal from the school roll at The Halifax Academy.

If you wish to apply for a leave of absence during term time, a form can be obtained from the main office. Please do not book any holidays until Mr Kay has considered the application. Holiday requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date you are considering taking your holiday.