A fun trip to the supermarket

We had such a fantastic trip to Sainsbury’s today. We absolutely loved it! We started our trip by finding the customer service desk and meeting our guides for the day. They showed us the fruit and vegetable aisle and we talked about all the exotic places they might come from. Then we went in to the warehouse and looked at what happens when the fruit and vegetables are sent to the store. We found out that bananas are bought the most out of all the fruits they have! Next, we went in to the big walk in fridge and some of us were even brave enough to try the walk in freezer. It was a freezing -25 degrees!

Then, we went to see the bakery and talked to Bob the baker. He told us all about how the bread is made and what you need to make a good loaf. He even gave us a gingerbread man each to enjoy with our snack – yum!

After that, we went to have a go on the checkouts and we all had a go at scanning through a few items each – just like they do when we go shopping. Whilst we were doing that, there was a one minute silence in the store to remember the people who were affected by the sad events in Manchester. We made Miss Thompson and the rest of the teachers feel so proud. We showed just how respectful and thoughtful we are and it was lovely then when a member of staff came to say how impressed she was with our excellent behaviour.

Finally, we went to taste different cheeses and look at the fish counter – we didn’t really like the look of the squid - yuk!

When we came back to school, we tried lots of different exotic fruits that they had given us. We tried passion fruit, papaya, kiwi and lots more. What a treat!
We had a brilliant day and we showed how our behaviour is just as amazing out of school as it is in school!