Election Day 03

Primary pupils cast their votes - posted 9th Jun

We have been really interested in the general election at our school this week and we decided that we would like to hold our own election. We decided that we would like to hold a vote to decide what our end of year trip will be. We had two options to choose from; a teddy bear’s picnic or visiting the park and having ice lollies.

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Sainsburys 04

A fun trip to the supermarket - posted 25th May

We had such a fantastic trip to Sainsbury’s today. We absolutely loved it! We started our trip by finding the customer service desk and meeting our guides for the day. They showed us the fruit and vegetable aisle and we talked about all the exotic places they might come from. Then we went in to the warehouse and looked at what happens when the fruit and vegetables are sent to the store. We found out that bananas are bought the most out of all the fruits they have! Next, we went in to the big walk in fridge and some of us were even brave enough to try the walk in freezer. It was a freezing -25 degrees!

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Aliens 02

A surprise visit for Year 1! - posted 22nd May

When we came in to our classroom on Monday morning we had a bit of shock!! It had been invaded! The classroom had been turned upside down and was a mess! There were fingerprints all over our windows and doors – it was quite scary!

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Staying safe on the road - posted 16th May

In Year One, we had a very special visit from Teddy! We listened to a very special story about when teddy took a tumble in his mummy and daddy's car! We talked about how important it is to stay safe when we are in the car; that means ALWAYS wearing a seatbelt! We also found out that we have to have a special booster seat until we are 12 years old or at least 1.35 metres tall. We all had great fun practising putting our seatbelt on and taking it off properly. Finally, we were shown an example of what could happen if we didn't wear our seatbelts - it looked very unsafe!

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Balance bikes at Primary

Balance bikes - posted 10th May

This week the children have been enjoying the lovely weather. The children in reception have been taking part in balance bike training which they thoroughly enjoyed. They developed their physical skills along with learning about how to keep themselves safe. It was lovely to see all our children being so confident and showing just how much their listening skills have developed.

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