Keeping safe on the roads

What a wonderful day we had learning all about why it is important to be safe on the roads!

We started our day with a walking bus from ASDA. We walked safely to school, talking about how important it was to stay safe and use the crossings correctly. We also talked about how it will help our school have less traffic on the roads and how walking to school keeps us fit and healthy! When we got to school there were lots of different activities planned for the day.

We learnt about how ‘bright is right,’ how we should always hold hands with a grown up near or on the road, why our parents shouldn’t park on the zig zag lines outside school and what we can do to stay safe at night time. We wrote letters, carried out a road traffic survey, made road safety posters and we made penalty parking tickets. We also invited our parents in and they helped us to make a school ‘jingle’ about road safety. They also worked with us to create characters for our own ‘Road Story’ in an Arts and Crafts club.

At the end of the day, we even got to work with the traffic wardens. We showed them our parking tickets and explained why our grown-ups shouldn’t park on the zig zag lines and we got to look at the ticket machine. The traffic warden told us all about issuing tickets – it was so exciting. Most of all, we had lots of fun and learnt how to stay safe! What a busy day!