A tasty lesson from the Ministry of Chocolate!

We had an exciting morning in Primary when we were visited by Carl from the Ministry of Chocolate.

Carl has been a chocolatier for many years and came to our academy to share his expertise with us. We looked at the story of chocolate and where chocolate comes from; we got to feel and smell real cocoa pods and beans and we even got to taste chocolate nibs! They were very bitter!

We loved making our own chocolate creations and a chocolate lollipop. We even got to use chocolate tattoos. We learnt about FairTrade and acted out working on a farm where FairTrade wasn't used. It made us feel quite sad and showed us how important it is to pay a fair price for what we buy.

Finally, we looked at the ingredients that go in to white, dark and milk chocolate. We learnt that dark chocolate is the best for us and that white chocolate is mostly made up of cocoa butter (like the cocoa butter that we put on our skin). We had a great morning with Carl and finished it by watching our favourite clip from our story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and tucking in to our wonderful chocolate creations!