Ready Steady School 2018

Ready Steady School! - posted 22nd Jun

Our new reception children joined up today for Ready Steady School. The parents had a talk about getting their children ready for school and the children had lots of fun playing and making new friends.

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Eid 02a

Celebrating Eid - posted 18th Jun

Primary pupils in Reception class had a fantastic time at their Eid party. They were very excited to come into school wearing their beautiful Eid clothes; they all looked fabulous!

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Reception Class visit Rhodes Street Mosque - posted 19th Mar

The reception children went to visit Rhodes Street Mosque today. We had a tour of the mosque and the man told us all about the features. He told us that Muslims pray five times a day facing towards the Kaa'ba which is Mecca in Saudi Arabia. There were lots of Qur'ans in the mosque - he told us that this was the special holy book that Muslims read. He took us upstairs to show where children have Arabic lessons.

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