Ready Steady School 2018

Ready Steady School! - posted 22nd Jun

Our new reception children joined up today for Ready Steady School. The parents had a talk about getting their children ready for school and the children had lots of fun playing and making new friends.

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Eid 02a

Celebrating Eid - posted 18th Jun

Primary pupils in Reception class had a fantastic time at their Eid party. They were very excited to come into school wearing their beautiful Eid clothes; they all looked fabulous!

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Reception Class visit Rhodes Street Mosque - posted 19th Mar

The reception children went to visit Rhodes Street Mosque today. We had a tour of the mosque and the man told us all about the features. He told us that Muslims pray five times a day facing towards the Kaa'ba which is Mecca in Saudi Arabia. There were lots of Qur'ans in the mosque - he told us that this was the special holy book that Muslims read. He took us upstairs to show where children have Arabic lessons.

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Gymnastics 02

Gymnastics in the Primary Phase - posted 14th Mar

We are so lucky that during our weekly PE sessions, Kirsty Thornton, from TK Fit Gymnastics, comes into school to teach us gymnastics. We are learning different gymnastic skills such as rolling and balancing. We have lots of fun and we look forward to it all week.

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