House System

"Students' behaviour is good because the school's house system very effectively supports students' social and moral development" - Ofsted 2013

The House System is an integral part of life at The Halifax Academy and embodies the values and ethos of the school. The system encourages involvement, commitment and high standards of work and behaviour.

All students are welcomed into one of the three houses on entry to The Halifax Academy, becoming part of a supportive family made up of members from across all year groups. Each individual has a duty to become a committed part of their team; offering inspiration, motivation and support to others and always striving to be the very best that they can be.

Inter-house competition inspires teamwork and provides opportunities for students to develop confidence, leadership and communication skills and a sense of responsibility.

At the start of each academic year, each house is affiliated to a charity for which they raise money throughout the year. As well as raising lots of money for worthy causes, the fundraising activities undertaken by the students allow them to develop their understanding of the wider world, offering support to those in need locally, nationally and internationally, as active, responsible citizens.

House Tutors play an important role within the House system. Each House Tutor has daily contact with their tutor group members, acting as a positive role model and fostering positive approaches to work, the school and each other. Tutors have high expectations of their students, monitoring their progress both academically and socially as well as offering support and encouragement.


The three houses:


auriga new resize220x150 ‘Success breeds success’

 ‘All different, All valued’

 Head of House & KS4 House Leader - Mrs Sinead Jefferson

 KS3 House Leader - Miss Natalie Hawkins

 KS3 Student Manager - Mrs Bronwen Pendleton

 KS4 Student Manager - Mr Kabeer Ahmed

                                                          House charity - MIND




Orion new resize220x2



  ‘Your goals are your possibilities’

  Head of House & KS4 House Leader - Ms Ghizala Saddique

  KS3 House Leader - Mr Gareth Clough

  KS3 Student Manager - Ms Sarah McCann

                                                           KS4 Student Manager - Mr Nawaz Hussain

                                                           House charity - The National Autistic Society




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 ‘Be The Best You Can Be’

  Head of House & KS4 Leader - Mrs Vanessa Williamson

  KS3 House Leader - Mr Dave Horsfall

  KS3 Student Manager - Mrs Saj Mir

                                                           KS4 Student Manager - Mr Richard Thomas,

                                                           House charity - The British Heart Foundation